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    Ohana & Canntinas

    Vendor Onboarding Protocol


    Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate you as an industry vendor.

    In order to onboard new brands, we perform the following due diligence to make sure there is a good fit between our respective corporate philosophies, customers we intend to serve, and the mutual growth we can achieve.

    Our vendor onboarding requires the following information to proceed:

     1. A copy of your BCC License & Local Permit;

     2. List of brands & products you offer and list of your competitors;

     3. List of current placements in California dispensaries & deliveries that carry your products;

     4. A brief statement of what unique solutions or remedies your products will offer our customers

     5. What makes your products better than your competitors;

     6. Total estimated brand followers in Sacramento area, Bay area, and Southern California;

     7. A brief statement of your marketing action plan and budget to promote your brand's availability across our retail operations;

     8. What level of new customer growth should we expect by onboarding your brands & products;

     9. Promotional pricing discount you offer for brand awareness across our retail operations;

     10. Long term pricing discounts to grow the customer base together over time.

    The information should be brief and to the point without marketing details that would slow down our review. Once we review the details to make sure they comply with our operational plans, policies and government regulations, we will set up follow up conversations and a pilot to onboard your brands & products.

    Please note that we do not allow vendors to:

     1. Deliver sample products without a Metrc manifest;

     2. To show up at our retail facilities unannounced or to engage in conversations with our sales staff who responsible for customer service;

     3. Offer gifts of any type including samples directly to our staff.

    Please email the details to and

    Thanks again for your interest.

    Nasser Azimi, President
    Ohana & Canntinas Cannabis Brands

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